Eating more fruit and veg is good for you. More specifically, it reduces the risk of degenerative disease and premature death. This simple fact is supported by so many lines of evidence that it is beyond argument, although pockets of resistance remain among the more Neanderthal doctors. The Palaeolithic diet explored by influential scientists such as Professors Boyd Eaton and Loren Cordain, the Mediterranen diet analysed and tested by leading researchers such as Professors Kim Knoops and Katherine Esposito, and most recently the Victorian diet (as revealed by myself and Dr Judith Rowbotham), are all associated with robust good health; and based on large intakes of fruit and vegetables.

Conversely, it is equally clear that our historically low intake of fruit and veg, currently averaging 2.5 portions per day (Health of Britain ‘08), is one of the main reasons why rates of heart disease and cancer have increased ten-fold since .......



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